Provisions and Groceries
·Fruit, Vegetables & salad
·Bakery & Cakes
·Dairy, Milk & Eggs
·Meat, Poultry & Fish
·Ready Meals, Pies & Pizza
·Baking Desserts & Spreads
·Biscuits & Snacks
Deck, Engine, Chemicals Stores & Laundry Services

·Gas Cylinders include Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide
·Pipes, Valves, Pumps and spare parts
·Cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals
·Metal Repair Systems
·Adhesives, Laminates, and Topside Waterline Repair Systems
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Products & services :

Gulf Company Ltd has been providing the essential service of food and everyday products that were required by local businesses or on board the ships as they came into Aqaba and regional ports.

The majority of our fruits and vegetables come from our private farms and some are supplied by our audited local and international partners. Our range of products and services include:
· Confectionary
· Cereals
· Cooking Ingredients
· Pasta, Rice & Noodles
· Tea & Coffee
· Tins & Packets
· Frozen Food
· Toiletries
· Cleaning
· Household & Kitchen
· Laundry
· Electrical Goods
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